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Direct Hire

Permanent Placement - The search for your company's next permanent hire can be costly and time-consuming. Capital Tech offers proven solutions to the complexities of full-time hiring. Working with you, together we will develop a strategy to supply the best candidates to meet your exact needs and support the success and growth of your company.

We selectively recruit direct hire employees for the IT industry with total customization in mind. By asking the right questions and screening from the start, Capital Tech eliminates the risk taking stage in finding the right person for the job. Our process incorporates the following methods in its employee locating strategy:

  • Organizational/talent needs assessment
  • Defining position requirements
  • Position profile development
  • Sourcing strategy design
  • Effective selection and assessment tools

Ultimately, it's not about the number of candidates one screens for a full-time position, but the quality of their technical skills and fit into the culture of the client company and their IT team. To meet the challenge of "fit," we focus on finding the right candidates quickly.
We actively recruit from across the Greater Toronto Area and beyond when a search requires it. Using proprietary industry tools, our highly experienced team use their talent to seek and identify technology professionals, including passive candidates, for full-time opportunities.
We apply our Recruiting Quality Management methodology to screen applicants for full-time positions and then add them to our active database. We leverage technology to support our methodology so we can find even that passive seeker with the right hard skills and soft skills to fit into your organization.

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